Hey y’all! Welcome to Chick Lit Murder Mysteries. We have zero awards and no notoriety, yet here we are. Rambling on the interwebs about books and life.  We hope you join us in our conversations about murder, food, sexy chick lit relationships, and random thoughts that pop into our heads. You know, normal stuff.



Katy is such an introvert that Frannie is writing her biography for her. Katy is hella smart, quick witted, and will shank a bitch for dessert. Katy loves her husband Bexar, also known as the perfect man since he cooks all of her food, loves baby animal YouTube clips, and will reference Game of Thrones any chance she gets.




Frannie is a narcissist that wrote her own bio. The only alcoholic beverage she will not touch is tequila. Frannie’s greatest loves are her son Matt, her dog Brody, and her husband. In that order. Throw in an order of nachos with jalapeños and she’s the happiest woman in the world.